EFE|Egypt provides unemployed and underprivileged Egyptian youth with employment training and places them in gainful jobs.


EFE|Egypt provides underprivileged and unemployed Egyptian youth with the skills and opportunities necessary for formal entry into the labor market.

Through private sector partnerships and an annual market needs analysis, EFE|Egypt creates original curricula and delivers training programs that respond directly to market needs and the needs of private sector employers. EFE|Egypt coordinates with employers to offer pre-committed job opportunities to graduates of its training programs.  

As part of EFE|Egypt’s commitment to the wellbeing of the training programs’ graduates, EFE|Egypt only partners with employers that uphold the International Labour Organization's provisions of “decent work,” which includes a legal contract, sick leave, social insurance, and a minimum monthly salary of EGP 1,000. All of our graduates are provided with labor law training to learn about labor rights and employer obligations.


EFE|Egypt actively promotes sustainability by empowering Egyptian youth with the job-search skills necessary to hunt and secure employment individually.

EFE|Egypt expedites job placement and facilitates expansion by focusing its curricula on the concept of self-placement. While EFE|Egypt coordinates job commitments from the private sector, beneficiaries are also provided with the necessary skills to seek employment on their own. Self-placement is more sustainable in the long run, as beneficiaries are able to successfully transition from one job to another without assistance.